#OopsImInLondon [aka: a pub tour of England]

Do you lovely readers have an idea how hard it was to not post about the amount of excitement I had about my upcoming trip??!! Unfortunately, I had to keep my travel plans under wraps because my brother didn’t know I was coming. What happened was that my sister and brother-in-law had bought tickets to visit my brother but had to postpone their trip. My sister then decided she wasn’t comfortable leaving their 1 and a half-year old alone so she asked if her husband could watch Ella and if I wanted to go, and I obviously said, “yes” [thank you airline miles for the free flight]! Now my brother knew that my sister would be there, but she had the great idea that we shouldn’t tell him I was going and show up as a surprise! How often in your life do you get to surprise your brother by showing up to see him when he lives in Manchester?! [aka: never] So my lips were sealed shut for the past two months in order to keep the surprise going and last Tuesday Molly and I hopped on a plane and headed to London. We got in at noon and were completely exhausted, so we walked around for a while and that lasted until a little before 8 until we were so sleepy we turned in.
The next morning we hopped on a train and surprised Matt!IMG_8875 We spent one day in Manchester, saw his school, his new house [which we named “a really nice crack den”], and the town. The next day we jumped back onto the train and went back to London where we basically took a tour of London pubs. IMG_8909
And no, we didn’t spend the entire time in pubs. One of my favorite afternoons was spent drinking coffee and eating macaroons while it poured. Plus [don’t judge me] I’ve never had macaroons, and I’m officially obsessed.
So I made it necessary to eat my way through all the macaroons London has to offer.
IMG_8946 We did a little touristy stuff and took a super pano in front of the London Bridge! Matt had this pose he called “putting out the vibe” which he brought out several times during the trip. IMG_8926
We went to this pub that had spots to sit right on the river with a view of the bridge, so we sipped wine and beer while taking in the London views.
And of course sought out the new Harry Potter movie! We weren’t able to see it, but it made the excitement of the new book even more prevalent.
So there you have it! My trip to London! It was incredible and I was so thrilled to be able to spend time with my siblings. They are some of my favorite people in the world, and being able to spend an entire week with them was more than I could ever ask for. Plus, I found out that he will be moving home [99% chance] in the fall! Wahoo!! I cannot wait!!

Phew! Now I’m fighting my jet lag and trying to catch up on the work I missed so needless to say I’m a little sleepy. But hey, can’t complain. I will accept the jet lag and get back to work while remembering all the wonderful times I had on vacation.


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