I Believe…

I believe…
in dancing when there’s music [or when the mood strikes you… like when you’re cooking or driving]

I believe…
that you can be moody but shouldn’t let it affect your relationships
that sometimes a bad mood seeps into your relationships, and the best thing you can do is apologize

I believe…
in bonfires
a great glass of bourbon or wine
naps and fluffy blankets

I believe…
in spending too much time with your friends and family
in turning off your phone
in listening to old music

I believe…
in working out but then heading to brunch after [it’s called balance]

I belive…
we shouldn’t always worry about the future
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I believe…
that lazy Sundays are necessary every once in a while [like at least once a week]

I believe…
finding your style, and buying pieces that fall into that category vs what’s trendy right now

I believe…
everyone should find someone who loves you. all of you. exactly as you are.

I believe…
everyone should find friends who love you. all of you. exactly as you are.11475add39b102dbbe1a233959900c75

What about you? What do you believe in?


If Summer Ever Shows Up

hottub pool

In high school I had a group of 4 friends and we referred to ourselves as “Hashcakes”. It’s a weird inside joke that would not be anywhere near as funny to anyone who didn’t know these people, so I promise I won’t bore you with the story.

Anyways, the other day I got a text from one of these friends and she said, “I’m in serious need of some hashcake bonding time”, and I couldn’t agree more! It had been far too long since the four of us had all hung out together. Since my apartment has a pool we decided to get together for a good old-fashioned pool party! It will be complete with bloody marys, summer sausage, fruit and of course a lot of floaties.

It’s happening next week on a day that’s supposed to be sunny, so keep your fingers crossed for summer to finally comes to Minnesota.

What do you guys bring to the pool? Anything we shouldn’t forget?


The Naked Guy


Day 2 and my roommates and I are sitting around our new apartment, enjoying a cup of coffee and taking in our new surroundings when something from the apartment across the street catches our eyes. There was a man standing naked in his apartment making breakfast. It was like a train wreck that we couldn’t take our eyes off while he danced around, stretched and cooked.

It felt like we were on the set of Friends.

I think it’s safe to say that this new apartment will hold some very funny memories for all of us.