Life According To My Camera

I hate to say it, but the summer is quickly coming to a close so Steve and I are trying to soak up every minute of it. Last Saturday we went on a date to the MN Food Truck Festival and tried several delicious treats. After we decided to head to a local ice cream place where their motto is “forty-six ice cream flavors served in mammoth portions”, and as you can tell, Nelson’s did not disappoint.
Later that day I went out in Stillwater with some high school friends.
Then on Sunday Steve and I got the chance to do something that we will probably never be able to do again… watch the Twins play baseball from a private suite. It was all you could eat pulled pork, brats, hot dogs, fruit, and treats. Plus, all you could drink beer.
Obviously we hated every second…
Finally, we finished our deck project! [don’t mind the wood shavings near the tree. i think the squirrels drop shavings while they eat]


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