Whimsical Wednesday

Oh, hey there lovely readers. Yes, it’s been almost two months since my last post, and I have no excuse other than a serious lack of inspiration. I haven’t been reading blogs or writing blogs, but I’m officially trying to get back on the horse. So in the spirit of finding inspiration I’ve created my list of things that are sparking my creativity.

First things first, the hubby has been traveling a lot and then I went out-of-town, so I’ve truly been savoring every second we get to spend together. This saying is so sweet and warms my lonely heart when he is away.


Second, there is this. Even if things feel a little off kilter, I’m a believer that if you have great coffee and spot on eyeliner, you can conquer anything.


I have a group text with my sister and my brother’s girlfriend, and we are always texting funny photos we have seen throughout the day. This morning my brother’s girlfriend sent me this and it reached me on so many levels. 1, because it’s officially summer and that means it’s bikini season. 2, because I have a love for tacos. They are absolutely my favorite food. And if there were truly a season dedicated to Taco Bod Season, I would move there and never leave.


I have also joined a kickball team! While my athletic skills are ok, my competitive nature is not usually something my teammates admire. I have a tendency to not care if we win. I’m really there for the fun of the sport, time with friends, and the beer we drink after. The “must win at any cost” attitude is sort of lost on me. [oh yea, I’m that teammate]. So now I have to find some way to make myself actually care about winning so I don’t make all my teammates angry…



And finally, there is this hairstyle. I literally cannot get enough of it. Bun on top, and either natural, curly or straight hair on the bottom. The ways to wear it are endless, and I plan on overusing this style until someone tells me I need to try something else [and probably a few weeks after that].



So there you have it. A few whimsical things that are sparking my creativity lately. What about you lovely readers? Anything sparking your interest, or like me are you struggling to find it?




2 thoughts on “Whimsical Wednesday

  1. I need to figure out how to get my hair into the half-topknot because it hasn’t been going well when I’ve tried….I’m thinking practice might be involved, is that lame? also, I love that you’re on a kickball team, your extracurriculars (kickball, trampoline, etc.) are basically the best parts of childhood with none of the bad stuff involved.

    • The half knot is so easy. You know how you twist your hair into a top knot? It’s basically doing the same but with half your hair. So just pull your hair like you’re going to do you’re hair in a half pony, twist around making a little knot on top and then put a binder around it. Finish it with a few bobby pins to pin in the little loose hairs and you’re good to go! and yes! I love keeping the kid spirit in me alive! so fun! After you have baby zee #2 you should come to the trampoline class! 🙂

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