How To Black Friday Shop When You Don’t Need to Buy Anything


Now I know what you’re thinking… who doesn’t need to shop on Black Friday?? Most people haven’t even thought about Christmas until that day and wind up spending their Black Friday pushing people out-of-the-way to get the best deals on the newest toys of the season. Well let’s just say this is either a post for people who already shopped, don’t exchange presents, or really just love to shop…

This Christmas is a little different for my family in that we aren’t exchanging Christmas presents. This year the entire family [25 cousins, 12 aunts and uncles & 2 grandparents] is heading to Mexico for about a week and because of this huge trip we all decided to skip giving each other gifts.

Since I don’t have to buy for my family, and I’m already done with gifts for my friends, I don’t need to shop Black Friday sales. That being said, I still plan on going Black Friday shopping! This is a concept my dad and husband can’t seem to grasp. Why would you go Black Friday shopping when you don’t need to buy anything? Good question! Let me tell you why!

  1. Exercise. You get to walk off all the turkey and stuffing you ate the day before. You spend the entire day walking around several malls many times over.
  2. Deals for yourself. Who doesn’t love the thrill you get when you see a new sweater that you obviously “must have” and it’s 1,000% off! They are literally giving them away!
  3. Spending time with your family. I guess this one may not apply to everyone, but for me I spend every Black Friday shopping with my sister, mom, and aunt. We explore all the deals, talk each other into buying the sweater that’s 10,000% off, and eat lunch together. It’s an amazing day that I look forward to every year.
  4. Create memories & traditions. Ever since I can remember, the girls in my family spend Black Friday shopping, while the boys play football. When my grandma was still alive she would Black Friday shop with us and those are some of the fondest memories I have with her. My sister and I have so many inside jokes from our experiences during Black Friday shopping, and now she will bring her daughter with! Who doesn’t love creating memories and holiday traditions with their family?!
  5. Coffee. My family gets an early start on shopping and I’m fairly certain that no other coffee tastes as good as the coffee you’re drinking at 6 a.m.

So there you have it. Ready made reasons to wake up early, grab a coffee and your family and hit the malls [even if you don’t have to buy anything]!  What about you? Have you started shopping yet? Do you spend Black Friday pushing people out-of-the-way for the new necklace that’s 100,000% off or relaxing at home? Do you think Black Friday is a waste?? Sound off in the comments below!

Oh yea, and Happy [almost] Thanksgiving 😉


2 thoughts on “How To Black Friday Shop When You Don’t Need to Buy Anything

  1. girl you are crazy. we were always in florida on black Friday, and so I’ve always opted for the beach instead of shopping, and I just do not get it. but I’m also not a shopper either. I feel like someday I need to go just to experience it, but I’d need a LARGE coffee to do it 🙂

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