“I Do It Myself”, The Police Were Called, & Other Musings

My niece is almost a year old and it has been awesome watching her grow! She is so close to walking it’s crazy! Plus she is starting to be so independent. She wants to walk by herself, feed herself, grab her toys by herself and much more!



Steve and I had a blast celebrating Halloween. Steve went as Bret Michaels and I was the winner of season 1 of the show Rock of Love. We went to his friend’s house to start the evening and wound up back at our neighbors.

Turns out that while we were gone the people across the street had what they thought would be a low-key party for their 17 year old daughter. As you can guess, the plan didn’t go the way they anticipated. Over 120 kids showed up [some / most rather intoxicated] and eventually the cops made an appearance. Now, we weren’t there for the ordeal but word on the street is that is was a pretty crazy sight to see!

Plus, remember that living room that was a work in progress? Well it’s finished!! New rug and all! We went with the blue rug that I posted about before. It feels even better than it looks!


All that’s left is to finish painting our kitchen cabinets and the big projects we knew we wanted to do when we bought the house will be done!! Wahoo! (ignore the fact that it’s been 2 years).

Finally, Steve and I are coming up on our 1 year anniversary and decided to celebrate by driving to a town a few hours north of here for a few days to celebrate. I’m so excited to relax and do nothing for a few days!! But seeing as it’s a 5 hour drive, I wanted to ask you lovely readers… What song is a MUST on your road trip playlist? I’d love any suggestions you have for me!

Right now I’d say my must song would be “Give Me A Try” by The Wombats. Take a listen and let me know what you think in the comment section below!! Please and thank you 🙂


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