Typical White Girl Post + Some Home Improvement Musings

Yes, it’s true the weather is getting cooler and in typical white girl fashion I am beyond thrilled about all the fall clothes that I can wear very soon! I recently bought a staple piece that I believe every girl should own.. a military green jacket!

Seriously, what doesn’t it go with? Not only can you wear it with basics (black, white, grey, navy t-shirts) but also flannel, neon yellows, pinks, corals… etc. Plus you can make it a little girly by adding a lace top, or make it a little edgier with some leather.

endless possibilities!!!!


I got mine at Target: Olive Green Military Jacket [and I promise it looks much better in person than the photo on the website].

Also, Steve and I are getting our floors refinished and trying to figure out which company we’d like to go with. We’ve had a few people out to give us bids and they all came in around the same price so we [obviously] had to decide who we like most based on personality. What did I learn? The more awkward and uncomfortable you are, the more Steve and I like you.


I mean… how else do you decide?

What about you guys? Any staple pieces you will be wearing this fall?


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