Life According To My Camera

This last week has been incredibly fun. Steve and I went shopping last week and I got these bright color shorts. It was only after I was getting ready to go on a run that I realized they matched my shoes. [at least i know i’m consistent]


It’s been absolutely beautiful here recently, so I’ve been trying to spend as much time outside as possible. I even turned my backyard into an oasis of sorts.

IMG_6362 IMG_6365

In my free time I’ve been trying to bring out my creative side by drawing. They are nowhere near great, but since I’ve never drawn before, I’m happy with them.


Finally, one of my best friends is moving to Arizona next week so a few of us decided to meet up for a bar hop. Unfortunately, as we were on our way Steve’s car overheated so we had to sit in a parking ramp for about 30 min while the car cooled off.

Ironically, with the group of friends I was going to meet up with, we used to have a friend who never showed up to anything because she had “car trouble”. It was either that she was changing her oil, rotating her tires, or some other silly excuse (I mean how many times a week do you need to “change your oil”?) So naturally as I texted my friends says Steve’s car was having problems they laughed at me and told me they were also changing their oil. It was only after I snapped this photo to prove what we were doing that they believed me.


But after the car cooled down and we grabbed my car, I made it to the bar hop and had a marvelous time!





What about you lovely readers? What does your camera say you’ve been up to recently?


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