Bachelorette Parties & Other Alcohol Filled Activities

Last weekend Steve and I celebrated 4th of July by glamping with 14 other people. We day drank, played beer olympics, sand volleyball, wiffle ball in the lake and so much more! It was a blast! I tried to take a break from my phone so I have no photos from the weekend. Sorry. But trust me when I say we had a really fun time and I even made a skinny pina colada from sparkling coconut water, pineapple juice, and rum. Delicious. Definitely not as amazing as a real pina colada, but a pretty good substitute for when you’re drinking all day and don’t want to drink your calories for the month in an hour.


This weekend my sister-in-law are hosting the bachelorette party for her sister and my sister-in-law and I am pretty excited! We will be playing yard games, grilling, and even are going to have a bunch of flavors of lemonade with champagne! Can you say mimosa bar?


I am having so much fun planning and getting ready for this party. Plus I found this amazing take on s’mores on Pinterest! I’ll be sure to let everyone know how they were (aka I’ll be bragging about how many I ate).


Finally, to wrap up July one of my best friends and his boyfriend got jobs in Arizona and they are moving there. Instead of being sad we decided to throw him a big going away party. He decided that he wanted to do a pub crawl in our hometown on bikes! I am excited to hit up all the hole in the wall bars with some truly amazing friends!



All in all, it’s turning into a liquor filled summer.

What about you lovely readers? Are your summer plans as lush filled as mine? (Is lush filled a word?…Probably not. Oh well.)


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