Alright, I Confess…

I hear that confession is good for the soul, so why not write a confession post?


Confession 1 //  I sometimes wear the same outfit two days in a row if I haven’t seen many people

Confession 2 // I have about 1,000 grey t-shirts and tank tops, but I can always find another one I want


Confession 3 // I am fairly certain I will never start my day with a green tea. I’ll take coffee over tea any day


Confession 4 // One of my biggest pet peeves is when people won’t tell you that they are mad, but will talk about it behind you’re back. Like… just tell me what’s on your mind so we can get it straightened out


Confession 5 // I am not the funniest person, but there are few times I can get through a joke without busting out laughing because I think I’m hysterical

Confession 6 // I will always choose waking up early to going to bed late. Give me an early morning any day


Confession 7 // I spend way too much time wondering how all these reality stars have so many photos on their Instagram that makes it look like they have a professional photographer around at all times… like seriously, who is taking your photos?!

Confession 8 // I fall asleep to Harry Potter audio books every night… Sorry Steve 😉


Confession 9 // I bought this sign a few years ago, and it’s absolutely one of my favorite purchases to date.


Confession 10 // This is a lesson I’ve been trying to teach myself for a long time now. I’m sure it’s a lesson I’ll never stop trying to perfect



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