How To Enjoy the Winter Months… Sort Of.

Steve and I had an amazing time in Florida. We golfed, played tennis, laid on the beach and honestly just warmed up.



And since we unfortunately returned to the tundra…


I’ve been trying to focus my energy on making the inside as cozy as possible. I started by simply getting some tulips for our dining room table.


And then over the weekend I went shopping with my sister in law and bought some hydrangeas. They were long stemmed so I got a little crafty (emphasis on little) and snipped the ends and put them in a vase and filled the vase with rocks.

Then we hosted my parent’s dog over the weekend and allowed her to do something she isn’t allowed to do at my parent’s house… snuggle on the couch. And what’s cozier than snuggling with a puppy?
Finally, Steve and I had a date night at a restaurant in St. Paul where we enjoyed a cocktail and dinner by a fire.
img hgu

We even embraced the cold and went for a walk around the town after dinner.

Needless to say, after a vacation and a few simple touches to our home, I can enjoy these last few months of bitter cold before the weather finally warms up and we can fully enjoy the outdoors again.

So tell me, how do you make the winter months a little more bearable?


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