Shut Up and Dance


I’m not going to say I’m an avid runner, but I do enjoy the occasional morning run. When I lived with my parents I would take their dog Mac running with me. I loved running with her, but that usually meant that I couldn’t listen to music because I had to listen for cars so she didn’t get hit. Now that I live at my house I can run with my music blaring and I have to admit, I’ve truly been enjoying it.

I always make a playlist perfect for a run, but I recently came across a few songs that make running incredibly enjoyable. The songs are so fun that I always wind up dancing to them versus running. Lucky for me, I run in a deserted nature preserve right by our house so my dance running hasn’t seen by anyone…yet.

I’m waiting for the time when I’m belting out one of these songs and come across another person and have the awkward moment where I freeze mid-dance move and they look at me like a crazy person. But until that time I think I’ll enjoy my dance running. I mean come on, how could you not with songs like these:


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