It’s Fall & I’m Loving It!

Hey! Did you guys know that it’s fall?! I know! I think I may be the first person to point that out to you (ahh sarcasm… you are a good friend to me).

Well since Steve and I bought our house in March, this is our first fall at our new home! And I have to tell you, we are seriously enjoying it!

We raked the yard for the first time, and although that in itself is not a fun job, leaf jumping is!

Graceful, no? haha

To continue with our “fall theme” Steve and I spent last night carving our first “front step” pumpkin! It is way more fun to do when you get to annoyingly display it on your front step for the whole neighborhood to see vs. your apartment neighbors. It definitely makes it feel more like Halloween!

pump 2 pump

Plus, on Sunday Steve went skydiving with my brother and brother-in-law for my brother-in-law’s 30th birthday! Never have I ever been more terrified and exhilarated all at the same time!

sky skydiving

They all had an absolute blast, and I enjoyed staying safe on the ground watching them flip and glide their way safely down to earth. Phew!

Also, I have two songs I’m currently obsessed with and the two couldn’t be more different. The first, is Gooey by Glass animals. It’s a very odd song, but even though it takes a while to understand the lyrics, the beat is so fun! (excuse the somewhat pornographic nature of the music video. NSFW unless you minimize the video)

The second one is Geronimo by Sheppard and it’s just a fun upbeat tune!

What about you lovely readers? What have you been up to this unseasonably warm fall season?!


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