I Can Fight It No More…


Alright, I swore that when I got engaged that this blog would not turn into a wedding blog, but when most of your thoughts are consumed by wedding planning it’s hard to blog about anything else. So today I have decided to give in and write a wedding post. I’ve learned a ton about wedding planning, wedding courtesy and how to be a great guest and I’m here to share my infinite (cough… sorta) wisdom with you lovely readers!


Wedding Planning

1) Put money into a slush fund for expenses you didn’t plan for. For me this was hostess gifts, office supplies to make the seating chart, and makeup. You might have other things, but I can almost guarantee that there will be things you didn’t realize you had to pay for and you won’t have budgeted for. This should help!

2) Do as much work ahead of time as possible! It will help you towards the end, I promise! There are so many little things to do in the last month that you will be so happy you got all the little things out-of-the-way ahead of time.

3) The Knot app (or one similar to it) will be your best friend. It has check lists to keep you organized and lets you know when you should be doing each task. Hello organization! You can even add tasks or delete the ones you don’t need (e.g. Check with your wedding planner about… when you don’t have a wedding planner).

4) Delegate. Delegate. Oh! and did I mention Delegate? You’re life will be a lot less stressful the second you ask someone to help you finalize everything.

5) Learn when to just sit back and laugh. There will be things that go wrong, and people who make faux pas, but you simply can’t fuss over every little problem. Take a step back and laugh. At the end of the day you will be married to your best friend and that’s all that matters. Everything else will be forgotten.


Being The Perfect Guest

1) Check and double-check your invite. What name(s) are on it? Take that literally unless you hear differently. Just your name? You are invited sans guest. Your name plus guest? You get to bring someone of your choosing. Last name Family. Bring you and your family. Pretty easy right?

2) When sending back your response card, you should use initials for which person is getting what (e.g. SH next to the chicken and SP next to the beef). If you only put numbers next to the entrée of your choice the bride and groom don’t know which guest wanted which meal so they are forced to guess. Can you say plate swap?

3) Speaking of response cards, send it in ASAP. The bride and groom usually can enter them into a spreadsheet as they arrive, but it is really wonderful to not have to enter all of the response cards at once. Plus, final counts are due for cake, seating and centerpieces very soon after the response cards are due, so it would be nice not to have to make the awkward, “Did you get our invite?” call in order to finalize the plans.

4) Don’t complain about the seat you’re sitting at. A lot of thought goes into figuring out where everyone sits and a bride and groom simply cannot accommodate each and every single person, but they are doing their best. Don’t like where you’re sitting? Get up and dance after dinner! Ta Da!

5) Couples can’t usually invite everyone they know, so if you are invited to a wedding be thankful! There were a lot of people who were passed up in order to have you there. You have been invited because the bride and groom think you are important to them.


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