Seems Like An Odd Time To Say Thank You

I could sit around and tell you all about how busy I’ve been with wedding planning, wedding showers, wedding, wedding, wedding…. but today I vow (notice the pun) to not say a thing about weddings starting now!

I want to tell all you lovely readers about an exercise I did yesterday that has worked me harder than any other workout I’ve ever done. I honestly cannot move my arms or legs today. I seriously wasn’t expecting it at all because it sounded so fun and easy! Are you ready to hear what it is?



My friend Cynthia an I decided to try something we’ve been interested in for a while. We’ve gone to a trampoline park before and jumped for an hour or two, but one of the trampoline parks offers a fitness class. Sounds like an easy and fun workout, right? That was our thought as well! Boy were we wrong.

The class started easily enough, with a 5 minute warm up of jumping side to side and around our squares. After our 5 minute warm up the trainer made us run laps on the trampoline for 6 minutes which is exhausting because  you have to jump and run at the same time. Then we did a combination of cardio and weight training which included regular and tricep push ups, burpees, crunches, killers (where you run to a certain spot, run back, run a little bit further and then back, etc…), wall climbs, running laps with kettle balls over our heads, squats and lunges with a kettle ball and more. We finished off the workout with a thing called “around the world” where you run around the park and climb up each of the walls. All of these workouts are tough as is, but done on a trampoline and I swear the extra bounce you have with each step makes all the moves even tougher!


By the end Cynthia and I were dripping but admittedly felt amazing. We got off the mats, turned to the trainer and said, “Thank You”. We walked away and Cynthia looked at me smiling and said, “Do you think it’s odd to thank someone who just kicked our asses so hard?” I had to laugh because it almost did feel ironic.

After the class we visited a great coffee place that also sells crepes. Since we had just burned a significant amount of calories we decided to treat ourselves to a nutella and peanut butter crepe and it was oh so worth it!

Needless to say my entire body is sore today, but I will be going back again. It was an amazing workout and will make me stronger and more fit for the wedding (Come on! I had to mention it just once). Plus if it means I get to hang with my friend and try new lunch places I am all for it!

No if you will excuse me, I have to go ice every part of me.


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