This Makes My Heart Smile

It’s been a truly wonderful week! First, last Friday I went to coffee with one of my best friends and we both noticed something amazing! 2 weeks from that day she gets married and 3 months from that day I get married! So naturally we had to take a ring selfie!

photo 1

Now a week from tomorrow she gets married and I cannot contain my excitement!

Second, last Saturday Steve and I had our first wedding shower and it was a blast!


Tons of family showed up and gave Steve and I the most thoughtful recipe book and apron signed by everyone! It was so beautiful to see so much love and support from our families.

Third, right after our wedding shower my sister and brother-in-law had their gender reveal party and they found out that they’re having a….

photo 3 photo 2

GIRL!!! I cannot wait! I’m so excited to meet this beautiful girl in December!

Finally, my dad, Steve and I worked on our kitchen and finished another part! There’s still a few more things to but the tiling is all done.


Oh, you mean you don’t know what our kitchen used to look like? Here, I can help:

photo 5 photo 4

We’re still planning on painting the cabinets (hence the un-finished cabinet in front of the sink), but it’s almost done!


It’s weeks like this that make my heart smile.


Oh and bonus! My cousin had her baby and I couldn’t be happier for her and her “mister man”. Congratulations, Erin! Amelia is beautiful! 


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