Can You Keep A Secret?

Oh hello blog friends… I have a question for you… can you keep a secret?


Good! Because I’ve been sitting on this secret for a while now and I’m bursting to tell you!!

As you know, if you read this blog from time to time, last year my sister and brother-in-law gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl in the world. Unfortunately God decided to call her back to heaven after only 9 hours on Earth.

[The post I wrote 3 days after her passing: Unimaginable ]

This tragedy has slowly been getting easier to deal with as the days have gone by. Through all of it I’ve been trying to stay positive and constantly look for the silver lining.

Well friends, I am here today because the silver lining just got easier to spot.

MY SISTER IS PREGNANT!!!!!! I am so so so excited and nervous all at the same time. So far every thing looks great. Mom and baby are very strong!

Even better news?! She’s due on Christmas Eve!!!

Seriously, this makes my heart swell with joy in a way that words cannot describe. My sister and brother-in-law deserve nothing but the best and I know they will be amazing parents.

As for now, I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that everything proceeds normally.

Phew! I’m glad I got that off my chest, and that it’s just between us ; )


Finally, if you follow me on any other social media channels, you’ve seen these, but in case you don’t… our engagement photos arrived!! We could not be happier with our photographer Joe Federer! He and his wife do amazing work!

[ his website & his blog ]

ShannonAndSteve-Engagment-003 ShannonAndSteve-Engagment-014 ShannonAndSteve-Engagment-027 ShannonAndSteve-Engagment-031
ShannonAndSteve-Engagment-041 - Copy ShannonAndSteve-Engagment-050 - Copy

So there you have it… one big secret, and a couple of fun photos. I’m so happy to share this good news with you! Thank you for being an amazing sounding board!

Keep your fingers crossed for my sister and brother-in-law as they try to enjoy this pregnancy.


2 thoughts on “Can You Keep A Secret?

  1. okay, one, those are GORGEOUS photos. you guys are clearly amazingly photogenic, i can’t even imagine what the wedding photos will be like! two, i was SO excited to hear about your sister and brother-in-law’s good news! i am right there with you and my fingers and toes are all crossed, prayers being said too!

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