Is It Possible To Be Energized & Drained All At Once?

Well, first things first, we had our engagement photos last week and it was really fun! Steve and I were really awkward at the start because you’ve got a camera following your movements and photographers asking you to kiss, look there, place your hand here, stand just about everywhere… Luckily as time went on, we got more comfortable and had some fun with them.

I’m so excited to see how they turned out! No news yet, but I assume they will be out soon!

In other news….wedding planning is super hard work, but someone’s gotta do it…




Steve and I spent the last few weekends cake testing, and this past weekend we had it narrowed down to two. So what does any logical person do when they have to make a tough cake decision? Retry the product. So we went back to the two bakeries and bought three different types of cupcakes, and coffee, and brought them to a park, and began the grooling process of picking a bakery (can you hear the amounts of sarcasm as I “complain” about cake tasting).

We have officially made a decision and are very excited to have The Buttered Tin as the bakery for our wedding!

After cake tasting, we went and registered at two different places. I had no idea how tiring scanning products can be. By the end of the day we were both in serious need of  a nap. But we picked out some really fun stuff that our house is going to love!

Almost finally, we ordered furniture for the living room and it arrives tomorrow! I am ready to have places to sit when people come over!

Finally, tomorrow is the fiancé’s birthday!!!!!! He will be celebrating his birthday on a work trip in Montana, but I wanted to wish him the happiest of birthdays from a little over 1,000 miles away! Love you lots! Hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!



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