Sugar, Dresses, Flowers and More!

My how planning a wedding can take up all of your time! I am so excited to say that 7 months from today I get to marry this ridiculously awesome man (no, not the cat)!

Photo Aug 13, 10 53 04 AM

We’ve been trying to get everything squared away so that we aren’t completely overwhelmed right before the big day. We’ve booked our photographer and the DJ, finalized our guest list, bought my wedding dress, and bought the bridesmaid dresses! I went with all the girls on Saturday morning to pick them out and they found a stunning dress that looks amazing on all of them. After we all went out to celebrate at a lunch spot nearby.


On Friday I’m meeting with the florist, and the next week is Steve’s favorite week… we are meeting with 3 bakers to test out cakes! The week after that is my favorite week… engagement photo time!!


Combined with all of that, it’s my birthday next week so I’m trying to figure out exactly how I want to turn 26. This birthday is actually really exciting for me because this year is going to be one fantastic year.

On the housing front…

We moved into our house when there was snow on the ground, so it’s been really fun to see what was under the snow.


remember this from an earlier post? well, here is a before and after!


We’ve even met some of the neighbors so that’s kind of exciting!

It’s weird moving from an apartment to a house because you actually have to talk to them vs. avoiding eye contact as you awkwardly ride up the elevator together. But we’re adjusting pretty well. There are some interesting stories there that I’ll save for a later date!


Until then, anyone have any gardening tips for our new yard? I have what experts call a black thumb… but that’s a post for a different day.


4 thoughts on “Sugar, Dresses, Flowers and More!

  1. I’m not doing too badly on the black thumb front! My onions are looking shady, but the potatoes are doing well… Also I feel you on the wedding planning front! I’m getting hitched in four months or so, and I feel like it’s all I ever talk about!

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