Well it’s official! We have bought our first house! The process actually went really smoothly. It only took about an hour to sign all the papers and inherit a large set of keys!


My family is out of town, so they wanted photos of the house. At this time Steve was gone, so I decided to take my family on a selfie tour of our new house. So here was the final product…

Welcome to our home!!

This is the fire place in our living room. And yes, we are changing that wall color and possibly revamping the giraffe looking stonework

This is our sink in the master bath. Quite the conversation piece if I do say so myself haha

This is our deck / back yard…

And, my favorite part of the house, the tree that grows through our deck!

After we got over how exciting it is to own our own home, we decided to clean up a bit. Steve decided to take vacuum duty and I couldn’t resist snapping this photo of hime vacuuming up the dust… (and you can even see a little swatch of what color we’re painting the walls)

Now that we’re the owners, we, along with a few friends, are spending the weekend painting! I’m fairly certain there’s nothing more exciting than decorating a new home!


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