busy busy bee

These past 3 weeks have been insane! As I’ve previously said, the week after Steve and I got engaged we took the time to celebrate with our friends and family, After that we drove up to my family’s cabin in order to celebrate our 3 year anniversary as well as our engagement.

We drove up and saw the ice caves, took a few hikes, played cribbage, watched a few movies and chatted about how we both envisioned our wedding.

IMG_2904 IMG_2935
(Can you tell how cold I was? My face is bright red haha)

Last week we stopped thinking about wedding planning, and started putting thought into action. We have officially booked the church and the reception hall! It’s a huge relief to know that it’s all booked and that the date is officially set!

Wedding planning isn’t the only thing we’ve been working on. We also have been doing last-minute plans and getting everything ready for our house! We close on it next Thursday so we’ve been working on finalizing all of the financing, figuring out times for the closing as well as getting prepped for next weekend where we will spend the days painting our new home! Wahoo!

Finally, Steve bought us unlimited month membership to Corepower for a month so we’ve been trying to get to the studio as many times as possible. I think it’s paying off though because last night, for the first time, I was able to do crow!


Phew. So that’s been life the past few weeks, and luckily I think it might slow down a little bit now.

Next step, finding the dress! But hey, that’s the fun part of wedding planning, right?!


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