A Permanent Sort Of Thing

This week has been unbelievable! I am so excited to announce (unless you’ve seen it on my other social media sites) that Steve and I are engaged!!!!!

It’s rather surreal. I’m not even sure that I fully comprehend it all.

The evening started off causal enough. We went to yoga, grocery shopped and then headed home to make dinner.

As we were cooking dinner, he had a playlist of all the romantic songs we’ve sent to each other over the years playing in the background. There were even a ton of candles lit all through the living room!

After dinner we were finishing up the desert when Steve tells me has another card for me. Now for all of this to make sense you have to know that we spent the week before celebrating Valentine’s Day, so he had already given me this card:


So the second card he gave me looked something like this (I have a certain obsession with owls):


So I opened it and saw the ring and kept thinking to myself, “No way! No way is this actually happening!!” Steve got down onto one knee and pulled out a poem he had written. As he read it I just kept crying and thinking how lucky and happy I was!

He finished the poem, and I said yes!


We are now spending the week celebrating with our family and friends, and then heading up north for our 3 year celebration this weekend. Once we return we will start wedding planning, but until then I am really enjoying this time and cannot believe that I get to marry this thoughtful and romantic guy!


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