Does Anyone Have A Stress Ball I Can Borrow?

I always knew that buying a home would be stressful, but I had no idea just how stressful the ENTIRE process would be. It’s not like renting an apartment where as soon as you find one that you like, that’s available and that’s in your budget, you are able to start planning the things to buy. No, buying a house is the complete opposite of that. Each step brings with it the possibility of the house falling through.

First you find a house that you like but someone else may like it as well.

Then you finally decide on one that you really like that you’ll put an offer in on and you negotiate with the buyer on the price.

After you win the bidding war, you have an inspector go through it and hope that nothing is seriously wrong with it.

Once you find out everything that is wrong and everything that could possibly go wrong with it, you go through negotiations again to decide what needs to be fixed and who will pay for that.

Finally you get done with the negotiations only to wait and hope that nothing goes wrong with closing.

All of this is happening while you have been trying to figure out home insurance, and the mortgage.


Phew! It’s stressful because at any moment, until you close, the house could fall through. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s also incredibly exciting, but I’m just looking forward to closing on the house so we can start truly getting our house personalized. AAAAAANNNNNNNDDDDDD we close four weeks from today!!!! Wahooo!!!!!

Not only have Steve and I been dealing with the house, but I’ve also been juggling some apartment issues; mainly the fridge.

This fridge has caused us nothing but problems and on Monday, the fridge went out and ruined all our food.



Now we have the lovely task of trying to see if the apartment will pay for our food because we had sent them a few requests letting them know that the fridge wasn’t working properly.

Luckily in four weeks all of this stress will be over and I can start relaxing.


Sorry for the rant, but this week has just been one large cluster. Do you ever have those weeks? I’m just looking forward to this week being over and starting to celebrate my roommates birthday this weekend!

I promise the next post won’t be so ranty….


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