Just Call Us (Soon to Be) Joint Tenants


This weekend the boy and I went up to a friend’s cabin to ice fish, relax and spend some quality time with our friends. I guess we should apologize to them because we were rather preoccupied. We spent the weekend talking with our realtor as we dealt with the negotiations.

Turns out it was worth it because as of Monday we are proud to say that we have signed a purchase agreement for the house!


If everything goes according to plan, in 6 weeks we will officially be homeowners. We couldn’t be more excited!

After we signed the purchase agreement, we decided to go out for dinner and drinks to celebrate! (If you’ve never been to Nong’s, I would suggest you head there now. It is delicious!)


Our closing date is approaching quickly so we will be spending the next month getting all of our finances in order, picking out wall colors and figuring out what we will need in order to personalize our new home.


Needless to say, these next few weeks will be the longest and shortest month of our life.

Steve wants all of my readers to know that this is how excited he is about these recent developments!picture051

Which lasted until we started looking at paint samples…



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