Do You Have a Bobby Pin?

** Just to start this off, I want to warn the readers that this post is rather girly so if any guys are reading this, I apologize. Maybe next week I can write about football or beers (probably not, but hey, who knows) but this post will be something that mainly girls can relate to. Soooo…. here it goes **

Alright, 3 years ago I made the jump and cut off my hair to create a rather drastic bang.  I have recently decided to make a change. I am officially growing out the bangs. And as any girl who has ever had to go through this process can tell you, it is not fun nor is it pretty.

(Below: before and after pics from 3 years ago and a few weeks ago for reference)


Now I think it’s time to change the style up again, but the only problem with that is that growing out bangs is seriously terrible. I am fairly certain they take longer to grow than the rest of your hair. 

I’ve done a ton of research and am trying every trick in the book to help my bangs grow a little faster.

[Blog about using no heat styling tools to do your hair: A Month of No Heat Styles]

I’m trying to eat more fish and nuts, I’m using less heat styling tools, even taking biotin every day (I promise I’m taking all those each day… just the recommended 1 per day)!


[Research I’ve found on growing your hair: How To Grow Out Your Hair ]

I know you all have probably done this sometime in your life. So what I’d love are some tips that have helped you or your friends through the awkward in between stag of bang growing…

Any advice, ladies?

For now I guess I’ll be stuck pinning them back and hoping they grow fast! Wish me luck! : )



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