A 10 Step Guide to Holiday Prep

On Saturday the roommates and I are hosting a holiday party complete with a hot cocoa bar, brats and tons of delicious deserts. To prep for it we decided to get our house ready for Christmas! Now that our house is all ready for Christmas I wanted to help you out with all your decorating needs with a step by step instruction guide. Are you ready?!

Step by Step Holiday Prep Guide:

Step 1: Wait for a snowy night

photo 3

Step 2: Watch Anchorman with a glass of wine in front of the fire


Step 3: Put on some really classy Christmas music, like Hanson Christmas


Step 4: Hang a few decorations

photo 2

Step 5: Drink some more wine

Step 6: Hang some more decorations


Step 7 : Have another glass of wine

Step 8: Look at the decorations you have already hung and realize how ridiculous they are


Step 9: Decide you think it looks great

Step 10: Have another glass of wine


So there you go. The 10 steps to decorating your house for the holidays! Is your house ready?


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