Is There A Rewind Button?

This past week has been truly amazing. It was one of those weeks that I wish I could just repeat over and over again.

Saturday the boy, and I went out with our favorite couple, Cynthia and Ryan, and hit up the go cart track and spent our afternoon go carting. Each race is around 9 minutes and you are able to go around the track 22 times and it is an absolute blast! I didn’t expect it to be as much fun as it was, but I wish we could do that every weekend.

((Sorry it’s blurry, but this was before we put our helmets on))

After we went go carting we went to Maynards for a beer because we learned that if you bring your race stubs you get 2 for 1’s.

We went our separate ways after that because the boy and I had tickets to see Hellogoodbye, Metric & Paramore.


I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Hellogoodbye 3 times, Metric twice but this was my first Paramore concert. If you have never been, I highly suggest it! They are incredible live!

In the middle of the concert I got a call from Cynthia telling me she is engaged!! I over the top excited for her and Ryan! The boy and I wer honored to have been a part of their special day!


To top it all off, I got my diploma in the mail today!! Well I should rephrase… apparently the school had my old address so instead of getting the new address from the apartment they sent it to my cousin. She sent me a message this morning saying that she had received it so we met up and I received it from my cousin. Lucky for me, it was sent to a family member vs. a random person.

[PS: You can check out her blog at]

Either way, I finally have my diploma!!


So there you have it! The week that has kept me asking, “Is there a rewind button?”


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