Sheer Bliss

sheer bliss

Do you ever have those days where you realize that you are having a perfect day? Where all the stars seem to align and everything works out perfectly without having to plan it? This last Sunday I found my sheer bliss.

The boyfriend and I spent Sunday morning flipping between football (his choice) and No Strings Attached (mine). When we realized that it was 70 degrees and sunny outside we decided to head out for a walk and grab some coffee. We walked down to the river and stopped at a place that has really great coffee, but while we were there we saw that they had a ton of gelato flavors so we couldn’t pass that up. I let him pick and he decided on salted caramel and double chocolate. I was seriously in heaven.

After we got back we headed to my parent’s house for our weekly Sunday night dinner. When we got a little closer to their house we stopped at an empty parking lot and he helped me learn how to drive his stick shift (something I’ve never been all that great at). I practiced for a while and comfortable enough to drive the rest of the way to my parent’s house without killing it even once!

It was truly a relaxing and perfect day.

There’s even a song I’ve been having on repeat that seems to perfectly explain the feeling of a perfect day: American Authors- Best Day of My Life

Can we just go back? : )


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