Let’s Talk About Camping

This weekend I’m going on a camping trip with a few college friends! We will be sitting around campfires, floating on tubes down a river and roughing it for a few days.

Since we leave in two days, I began to think about what I had to pack in order to stay clean and looking halfway decent this weekend. Although I always have a “go bag” ready with all the supplies I would need to live out of a bag, I realized that half of the things I have won’t work while camping. I made a list of a few key items that would work and here’s what I came up with:

1) I love Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls. This product is the  best product for girls who want loose curls without using moose. **Plus it smells amazing!**  The bottle is huge so I would suggest going to Target and getting a small bottle (like the one shown below) and filling it up so that you don’t have to lug the entire bottle around.

2) Coola Facial Sun Screen is another staple for me. It smells like cucumber, isn’t thick and doesn’t clog pores… but mostly I love the cucumber smell

3) Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo. This travel sized dry shampoo it’s great for fixing greasy hair when washing your hair may be out of the question. It never leaves white specks and volumizes while cleansing your hair.

4) Revlon Lash Potion is a pretty wonderful mascara. It never clumps, lengthens your eye lashes, and is waterproof! What more can you ask for while spending most of your time in the water?!

Another item that is crucial for camping is baby wipes. They are the most useful things ever invented. While camping, you can use them as face wash, an impromptu shower, or removing stains from your clothes. DSC00897

As for your hair, may I suggest an updo? I learned this one from my boyfriend’s sister (and yes, it is still in a work in progress). You basically french braid your hair but instead of going over each strand you go under so that you don’t have a giant braided lump on the back of your hair. Then you end it at the base of your neck and throw it into a bun!

Because of my bangs I usually pack a thick hand band as well to keep from having to do anything with them (one downfall of having blunt eyebrow length bangs). If this is too much, or you’re not wanting to deal with your hair, you can always throw on a fun hat or fedora! : )


So there you have it; just a few simple items to pack to ensure you stay comfortable, relaxed and put together while camping. What do you bring on your camping trips?


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