Fix For A Not So Sweet Tooth

When I was growing up, and found myself having nothing to do one day, my mom would bake cookies with me. I think that’s why now when I have a free afternoon I always wind up baking a batch of cookies. Chocolate chip, peanut butter, sugar… you name it, I’ve probably made it. The problem? I really don’t have a sweet tooth, so the cookies usually wind up sitting on my counter or in a to-go container and right over to my boyfriend’s place.

Recently I’ve been realizing that I love to bake and cook but I want to learn to make something that I would actually use. So I’ve been doing some brainstorming and so far I’ve come up with some ideas that I think could work.


I just made iced coffee and although it took a ton of beans, I think it was totally worth it and in the long run will be cheaper than buying it from a local coffee shop


My brother-in-law made these sweet potato chips and they were amazing. This will be the one I start to learn immediately. It will save me money on chips plus will be natural.


This one is just a guilty pleasure. I have an obsession with pretzels and if it wasn’t so unhealthy to eat eat them for every meal, I would. 

I am pretty excited to start cooking things I’ll actually eat! Hello salty foods : )


2 thoughts on “Fix For A Not So Sweet Tooth

  1. My auntie has a recipe for cheesejack – flapjack for those with savoury teeth! I’m lucky and not at the same time because I definitely have a sweet tooth so I normally end up eating all the things I bake 😀

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