Have I Bored You Yet?

Alright, so I’ve just returned from a week-long vacation and I’m sorry to say that I honestly don’t think I have enough to recap on one topic in particular that would make this blog post interesting (how’s that for an introductory line… are  you intrigued?). I do, however, have a few things that I’ve been thinking about that I’d love to share and ask your opinion on.


Working Out:


As I said, I have been in Colorado for the last week and each day we went for several walks, hikes, or bike rides. Needless to say my legs have never been more toned. Now that I’m back in my normal routine I want to make sure that I don’t lose the muscle I gained. Because of this I’ve been looking for a good leg workout that will keep my muscles in mountain shape. Do you guys have any leg work outs that you swear by? I run and use the elliptical, but I’m wondering if my lovely readers might know of something I should be doing?

Song Obsession:

I’m currently obsessed with this song by Lorde. She is a 16-year-old girl from New Zealand and has an amazing voice. Once you hear this song, I swear you will have this on repeat.

Baby Showers:


My sister is almost 6 months pregnant and I have about a billion baby showers to attend. I know for a few I’ll go off her registry, but I’m looking for ideas anyone may have for cute baby shower gifts that not everyone gives… Any ideas? 

And finally…

An Update:

Since last week I posted the photo of my large and in charge family from a few years ago, I wanted to share the photo we had of all 22 grandchildren from this year. I can’t say enough about how amazing my family truly is. So I guess this is just to show them my love! : )




I promise next week I’ll have more to report.


Have I bored you yet? I swear next week will be spectacular… or at least moderately better than this.


2 thoughts on “Have I Bored You Yet?

  1. Not boring at all! My posts are normally a weird and wonderful mix of everything. Some day I’ll get it together to write a post on one topic… I find squats are brilliant/evil for leg exercises.

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