I Just Bought Clothes For What?


When I was growing up, my saying for golf was that it “was a good walk spoiled”, but recently the boyfriend and I have decided that it would be a good sport to begin playing. Not only do both of our parents play, but it’s a good sport to know for business.

Last year we started off slow and just went to low-key courses or driving ranges in order to get our feet wet. This year is completely different in that my parents have me playing at their country club (cue the hoity toity pinkey raise). At this club I need to wear proper golfing clothes, shoes and a glove. Since I don’t have any of those I’ve been borrowing my mom’s clothes, but I kept feeling like I was playing dress up. Because of this I decided to head to Marshall’s and get some age appropriate golf clothes, which is something I never thought I would be saying.

I’m starting to enjoy it and am slowing getting a little better.

Today the boyfriend and my parent’s will be playing 9 holes and then grabbing some dinner, and it is the perfect sunny and warm day for it!

But I think what I like the most about golf, are the views…



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