Make Cleaning Less Painful


We have officially been in our new house for over a month now, and I am ashamed to say that today is the first time we have vacuumed. Now this is not due to lack of effort, but rather the failed attempts to obtain a usable vacuum cleaner. Since it arrived last night around 11, this morning was filled with a drive to clean!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I start cleaning and all I want to do is deep clean the entire house! Once I start on one thing, I move to the next and before I know it I’ve made the house look brand new. I think what gets me through it is the music I put on in order to keep my cleaning spirits up! Since it helped me, I figured I would share it with you in the hopes that these songs make cleaning less painful.

1. Still Into You- Paramore  (Trust me, the live version is so much better than the album version)

2. Kangaroo Court- Capital Cities

3. Chocolate – The 1975’s 

4. Take Me With You- Cartel

5. Entertainment – Phoenix 

6.  Up Up Up – The Givers

7. Harlem – New Politics

8. Black Chandelier- Biffy Clyro

9. Diane Young- Vampire Weekend

10. Forever- Walter Meego


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