Living With the Cast of the Lion King

My parents are out of town for the week, so I am in charge of their dog, Mackenzie or Mac for short. She is the biggest yellow lab I have ever met and just an oof of a dog. Since she is staying with my puppy Leila, the short little puppy I’ve talked about before, they have a lot of time to hang out with each other. This is great because they can run around the house and wear each other out all while ripping up every bed, tennis ball and fox toy they can sink their teeth into.

This morning I was trying to write a paper and the two puppies decided to play on the ottoman right in front of me. I happened to catch this picture and when I looked at it all I could think is that it seems like I’m living with the cast of the Lion King. They look crazy, don’t you think?


Luckily once you take them on a run, they fall asleep for hours! Thank goodness for puppycise (exercise for puppies)!

If you have two puppies, you understand : )



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