This Week’s Adventure

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This week,  life will be taking me and my other half to Colorado to celebrate our two year shmamaversary. I like to call it that because we don’t know exactly when we started dating, so instead we picked a day around the time we started dating and made it easy to remember. After all, isn’t an anniversary date just a day to celebrate the two people in a relationship? Does knowing the exact day really make a difference? So with this comes the term shmamaversary or (sham of an anniversary).. a term he doesn’t really like, but maybe it will grow on him. ; )

Anyways, this year we have decided to celebrate in the beautiful state of Colorado. We will be driving there (a 15 hr drive), to spend the weekend skiing, snow shoeing, hiking, drinking some wine and continuing on this crazy adventure of getting to know each other. The boy even surprised me with tickets to see Matt & Kim and Passion Pit the night of our anniversary! Can you say best anniversary present ever?!

I am so excited to spend time away from our phones, distractions and everything else and be able to spend some time alone with my best friend.

I’ll talk more about the boy later, but for now I have to get ready for a drive.


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