Sparkles, Glitter & Glam

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If there is one thing I am excited  for tonight, it’s the outfits. There is something about New Year’s Eve that makes me think of sparkles, glitter and did I mention sparkles? It’s the one night where over the top glam is perfectly acceptable.

Tonight is the first time that I have actually gone out for New Year’s. My NYE plans usually include a house party and heading to bed right after midnight. Tonight will be my first New Year’s in which I drag my butt to an over crowded bar with an over the top cover charge to drink expensive drinks and wade through a sea of drunk people… wow, I’m less excited about this than I thought. haha

The one thing that makes the night a little more fun? A sparkly outfit with some Cazzette to go along with it: Beam Me Up

Hope you all have a happy and safe New Year’s Eve.


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