My Working Space

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I have always had a picture in my head of the ways things would look like when I got to this age. In college I lived with one of my best friends, but she was always dating the same guy, so I always thought that I would never get the chance to live with her again. After college I moved in with my other best friend, Ethan, and found another person I could be friends with and live with in harmony.

Recently I found out that Ethan is moving home. This means that I can finally think about moving and the best part is that all three of us are wanting to move out at the same time! I couldn’t be more excited.

When Ethan and I discussed our soon to be living situation his exact words were, “we are never going to get anything done”. Have better words ever been spoken? haha

Anyways, now I am doing the one thing I do every time I am thinking about moving… planning how I want my room to look. In this case I have been focusing on my work space. I’ve even gone as far as making a Pinterest board where I can put some of my favorite ideas! Now all we have to do is find a place.

Isn’t moving fun?! (Well the planning aspect)


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