Daddy Daughter Date


Ever since I was little my dad has made an effort to take all of the kids out for “dates”. He would bring us individually to our favorite restaurants, shopping at our favorite store or on a trip we really wanted to go on. This extra effort to take the time and hang out with just one of us at a time made us feel so special and it was a time to talk to him about anything. We would talk about things that are bothering us, things that have made us happy lately or anything that was happening in our life.

The pictures above are of my dad and my siblings. He took us out for our 21st birthdays, and those are pictures from my brother’s. I like to think he’s the coolest dad a person could have.

Lately things have been busy so we haven’t had time to go out, but last night my dad and I were finally able to grab dinner and chat. Even though the family has dinner together every Sunday, we never have time to just chat with each other. It was great not only to talk to him about my life but also hear about his. So often I think we forget that our parent’s might have things they want to talk about, or things going on in their life that they may want to share with you.

I hope that every dad makes his children feel as special as my dad makes me and my siblings feel.



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