So This Is Where You All Hang Out


I recently joined a gym in my home town where some of my friends work out.  I expected to see a few people I graduated with, but what I wasn’t prepared for is the onslaught of high school classmates I saw. I swear almost every person at the gym was someone I graduated with.

Since I’ve been out of my home town for around 7 years it is very strange to come back and attend what seems like an impromptu high school reunion each and every time I step on the treadmill.

It almost feels like I need to perform when I head to the gym because they keep coming up to me and asking what I’ve been up to and want to hold a conversation. Is there a way to not snub my old classmates without having a 25 minute conversation?

I guess I will have to learn to be a little more friendly. To the reunion, I mean gym I go.


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