A Rant… Of Sorts


I’d like to take this time and give a quick vent to a girl who deserves much more. I only post this because maybe you have dealt with something similar and can relate, but knowing that it’s personal I’ll keep it short.

One of my best friends is currently getting over a serious break up. The boy was awful to her and now she is dealing with his interfering mother . His mother doesn’t know the whole story and is only going off of what her “lovely” son says (note the mock tone while I say lovely).

His mom just sent a horrible e-mail that tore my friend apart and didn’t give her any credit for keeping this matter quiet instead of spreading horrible rumors about him. The same cannot be said on his part. I could keep going, but I said I would keep it short.

So this post is to remind you that maybe the stories you hear aren’t the full ones, and it might be a better idea to keep quiet.



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