The Cold Comes With The Snow?

A few weeks ago I realized that it was the middle of November and the ground was still green. Since I love Christmas and everything that goes along with it I began to wish it would snow. But what happened? It warmed up to be 60 degrees and sunny.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a warm day as much as the next person but not in the middle of November. All I wanted was snow on the ground, to wear warm fuzzy boots, and warm scarves. Along comes Thanksgiving morning and my entire family is running a race. So we run in long sleeved shirts thinking it will be cold, but by the end we are sweating! (Again, no complaints. I’d rather have that than being unable to move because I’m so cold).

With this heat in mind, I threw on a dress and hopped in the car and headed for the several Thanksgiving dinners we had that day. At our first stop I paused to look out the window only to realize it is snowing!!! I was so excited! On our way out I began thinking of all the things I wanted to do in the snow and all the outfits I could finally wear… until I actually reached the outdoors only to be greeted with freezing winds and 20 degree weather.

In my excitement of the snow I had somehow forgotten that in order to snow it has to be cold. How? I have no idea! I am fairly certain I do this every year, but it catches me off guard each and every time. After the initial shock, and a change of clothes I was able to appreciate the romantic feelings snow brings with it. I can’t wait to cozy up in a restaurant with a glass of wine and watch the snow falling outside (too cheesy?) haha

I hope you all are able to enjoy the snow and don’t forget to bundle up!


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