Take A Walk

Everyone has things that really get on their nerves; Things people do that really just drive them nuts. For me, the thing that I find incredibly annoying is when people eat while they are on the phone with you. If you are talking to someone I think that a person should either wait to eat until you’re off the phone or ask if you can call them back if they feel the need to eat at that exact moment. How hard is it to wait until you hang up to snack?

I have always known this but recently it has been getting on my every last nerve when a guy who I have weekly conference calls with eats while we are having a business meeting. SERIOUSLY? It’s business, the calls last 30 minutes and happens at the same time every week. How hard would it be for him to wait until the call is done, or eat before. It’s not like the call is a surprise each week.

It would also be one thing if one time it happened and he was rushing between things and literally had no other time to eat. This, however, is not the case. He does this every week and I don’t know how he does it, but he only eats while he is mid-sentence. Probably one of the most annoying thing I deal with.

Anyways, I’ll stop ranting but I figured that everyone has something that they get annoyed about, and a way that they cope with it. I have found that humming (or admittedly playing) this song while I turn my phone on mute helps me calm down during these frustrating conference calls.

Take a Walk- Passion Pit

It may not help you, but I figured I would share.


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