Mornings Are Fun For Everyone… or Not

I will be the first person to admit that I am a morning person. I have always known this, but this weekend really solidified my realization that I am the person that non-morning people absolutely hate. Let me put it this way, if you have ever seen those posts about spending time with that obnoxiously perky person in order to start your Monday off on a better note… I am that friend.

I find that I get more done in the morning than I do any other time of the day. I like waking up early, working out, making coffee, and hearing how quiet the busy streets of St. Paul can get.

Anyways, the reason for this post is just to give you some great morning songs that might help you get up, have a little more energy and be more like me (in the morning’s are amazing sense).

I have decided to start small because you most likely fall into the “I would like mornings more if they started later” mind set. Try these songs on for size tomorrow morning:

Strange Kind of Mirror- Birds & Batteries

Crystal Vases- The Last Royals

Synthetica- Metric

Take a Walk- Passion Pit

Portions for Foxes- Rilo Kiley

And leave this behind : ) 


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