Nice To Be Alive

As you may or may not know I broke my foot about two months ago. This means that for the last two months cardio work outs have been at a minimum. Wednesday I get to see if my foot is all healed and the running can begin again! Needless to say I’m a little nervous that the news I get is that my foot needs a little more time to heal. I keep crossing my fingers that the little pangs of pain I get is normal (that’s what all the doctor sites say is typical for this kind of break even months after it’s healed).

Anyways, since I am 3 days away from getting this horrid thing off my foot I decided that a short bike ride would be alright. So I took my boot off, put on my first real shoe  in 2 months and set out on my bike.

What started as a short ride around the block turned into a 15 mile bike ride. I just kept peddling because it felt great to feel my heart racing again, for my legs to burn and the wind whipping around my face.  The entire time I just kept saying to myself how great it felt to finally do something other than lift weights over and over again; that this was what I have been missing the past few months.

If you have ever felt this feeling you’ll understand what I mean when I say that this song kept playing in my head while I peddled alongside the river on the beautiful day yesterday was.

It truly was Nice To Be Alive


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