This Is The Life

A few months ago I saw a Living Social coupon for a wine tasting for only $5 and then you got $20 to spend on wine. My first thought was “What a great deal!” Being on a coupon kick I did an impulse purchase for this great deal and promptly forgot about it. Last week I got an e-mail reminding me that it was about to expire so we made a plan to head to the vineyard.

Once I looked up the location I realized why this was so cheap… It’s in Taylors Falls *approx an 1 hr drive*. Being the frugal guy the man friend is, we decided to use the coupon anyways. After sitting in traffic for over an hour, and being rerouted several times *thanks construction* we finally arrived and walked into this hole in the wall bar. We made our way to the bar and nuzzled up next to these two ladies clearly having a great time, and had to have been a few bottles deep.

The bartender gave us the wine menu and for the next 2 hours she poured us what had to have been every kind of wine they had on their shelves. We tried wines that ranged from one of the most amazing Cabernet I have ever tasted all the way to a coffee wine that tasted like liquefied fudge. Each one was better than the next.

We spent the night chatting it up with these two ladies also participating in a wine tasting, and the bar tender who had been married 4 times and was more than willing to share all her stories. After the tasting, and one incredible steak we bought a bottle of our favorite wine and decided to save it for our two-year anniversary.

The entire time we kept saying that this is what life should be like; sharing a glass (or 3) of wine with some great people, enjoying delicious food, and swapping stories. For this reason I have decided that the song that best describes our evening is This Is The Life by Two Door Cinema Club. Give it a listen and I believe you’ll agree.

This Is The Life

*No worries we did eat a meal, drank a ton of water and waited a sufficient amount of time before we drove home after this


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