On The Count of Three


Today I got  thinking about growing up. I guess it began when my friend and I attended Lollapalooza this year and realized everyone was in cut off shirts and short shorts, drinking beer and rocking out to the music with their pink/blue/purple streaks in their hair. Having none of this but the beer we decided to purchase some cut off shirts for the next year. Fast forward to a few days ago when I put on my favorite romper and realized it may be the last time I can wear it this season since the chill is beginning to set it. I thought to myself that I didn’t get enough use out of it this year, but maybe next year. Immediately after I realized that I will be 25 and wondered if 25 too old to be wearing a romper from Forever 21? Yes, I know in the grand scheme of things 25 is not old, but still the age is daunting me for some reason.

Anyways, I began realizing that this year before my birthday I was going to do and wear all the things that may be considered inappropriate for an “adult” to do. I am going to take my conservative clothes that I usually rock and throw them out the window! Ok, maybe not out the window since I will want them back probably in about a week, but at least in a box under my bed. I was going to bring out the backless tops, high heels and pink highlights (the clip in ones… I am after all a working professional with a boyfriend’s mother who would frown upon my flashy hair).

I will drink whiskey & vodka at the bars while out with my girlfriends, wing (wo)man the h*** out of them and have story worthy adventures the next morning. All of this while listening to one amazing song to remind me that youth should have some youth put back in it.

Youth Without Youth





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