If I Had A Convertible

I was running errands today and realized that it is now time for a playlist that can be played really loud while you drive with the windows down! I know I’ve done one like this before, but who could ever have too much driving music? I changed this playlist up a little bit because I found there are songs that you want when you are high energy and ones when you just feel like rolling down the back streets. I couldn’t decide which one I liked better so I split if 50/50, so here it is; New spring, new songs:

1) Crash Your Party- Karmin She is absolutely fabulous and who doesn’t love a girl rapper?

2) Heart Attack- Asteroids Galaxy Tour This is their first single and I must say I am loving the 60’s dance vibe they put in their songs! Seriously phenomenal driving slash beach music.

3) Get Burned- Sleeper Agent I believe if you aren’t tapping your foot to this one by the time the chorus comes around you may have some serious problems.

4) Everybody Talks- Neon Trees Everyone loves a good Neon Trees song, and this one may be one of my favorite of theirs! So catchy & a great drumming all the way through.

5) Anna Sun- Walk The Moon This song starts a little slow, but I am obsessed with the drums! It always makes me want to get up and dance.

**Slow down driving tunes**

6) Good For Great- Matt and Kim Although I’ve been told all their songs sound the same, I can’t stop loving them. This song is just fun because summer always seems like a fresh start and that’s what this song’s all about!

7) Forever- Walter Meego The keyboard in this one is too fun. I was playing this song at a stoplight and actually had someone lean over and ask who this was… that’s how good it is!

8) The Future- The Limousines I find myself nodding my head to this one every time it plays. It’s a weird concept to think about but overall a very fun driving song.

9) Simple Song- The Shins Again, another “If life is getting hard, remember it’s summer and smile” song. I always find myself thinking about the lyric “when you feel like an ocean made warm from the sun” when it’s warm out.

10) The Roller- Beady Eye This one is sort of beachy, but also a great low key, sunny day song. I don’t think I’ve ever just listened to this song just once. It’s a repeat sort of song!


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