Life As An Insomniac

Good evening my fellow insomniacs. I have created a playlist that may either help you fall asleep, or at least give you something soothing to listen to as you meander around the seduction of nightfall. Don’t worry, no John Mayer here.  Hope this helps…

1. Cartel- The Minstrel’s Prayer — This song is fantastic, trying to fall asleep or not. It’s definitely been on my top played songs since I got this CD back in ’06. Some amazing stuff going on in this song.

2. Brett Dennen- There Is So Much More — His voice does something for me, and I hope that it helps you as well.

3. Broken Bells- October   Anything by Broken Bells is magnificent, but this song has some phenomenal lyrics and soothing guitar riffs to put your mind at ease.

4. City and Colour- Hello I’m In Delaware  — This song either makes me think of being incredibly sad and playing this song over and over… or going to bed. So for now, let’s say, it will put you to sleep.

5.  The Decemberists- Don’t Carry It All — Once an unknown band that has now found it’s niche, The Decemberists put harmonica into this song that creates a sound that could be call “ear-gasmic”.

6. Dispatch- Out Loud — Even better live, but still a fabulously great song while laying in bed.

7. Oasis- Cast No Shadow — I know it’s old, but how do you not love Oasis?

8.  Our Lady Peace- Not Enough — I’m a sucker for their old stuff, and this was one that always seemed to put my mind at ease.

9. Red Hot Chili Peppers- Desecration Smile — How could I not include the Chili Peppers? Amazing guitar licks that are ever so versatile.

10. Young Love- Tell Me — Unfortunately since they are a little underground the best I could do was this version. Look them up on iTunes or another music server… but trust me, it’s worth it!


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