Traveling–Plane Rides

I wanted to create a playlist that would be good music to listen to either while waiting in the security line, waiting for the plane, sitting in your seat or waiting for people to leave the plane. I put these songs together because to me these are great songs that can keep you tapping your feet and your mind off the incessant waiting that is airports. Load this on your ipod, turn it up & happy waiting.

Our Lady Peace- Somewhere Out There – I just love the soothing voice of Raine Maida. If your flight leaves early it is great to put this on either on the car ride to the airport or waiting in the security check point.

Brand New- Sic Transit Gloria – This is one of my all time favorite songs. It always gets me excited for whatever I’m about to do. Just a funny song with a good beat.

Butthole Surfers- Pepper – Every trip needs a little humor, and what gets you through all the tedious tasks of airport travel better than the Butthole Surfers?!

Band of Skulls- Death By Diamonds and Pearls – People watching is always fun in crowded places, and there are always some fun over dressed, overly fancy people.

Beck- E-Pro – I like this song just because it’s a great toe-tapper. Give it a listen and I guarantee you’ll find yourself nodding your head along to the beat.

The Black Keys- Next Girl – If you get nervous on plane rides, this one’s for you. I’m in love with the deep voice of Dan Auerbach. He always puts me at ease.

The Big Pink- Dominos -Simply a catchy song. I had to put in this list.

Bat for Lashes- Daniel – I like putting this song on right before they tell us we need to turn our electronics off. It’s a perfect landing song.

Divided By Friday- Disappoint- Surprise – Waiting for people to leave the plane? Blast this to hear some ear-gasmic drum licks.

Awolnation- Kill Your Heros – I put this at the end because if you find yourself singing along you don’t want to be in the airport singing about killing heros, but hey it’s a great song to listen to while you’re walking out of the airport into the environment of your destination.


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