Sunday Morning With A Side Of Music

Coffee and paperGood morning all! I have created the perfect Sunday morning play list. Grab a cup of coffee, some pancakes and open your ears.

1) Houses- Soak It Up This great instrumental song is perfect to put on right as you’re getting out of bed. It has just enough energy without blasting you out of your restful Sunday morning mood.

2) UME- Sunshower Once you’re up start pouring that orange juice and heating up those griddles. The beautiful voice of Lauren Larson puts me into a great mood every time.

3) Mr. Scruff- Kalimba I like this song because it has a great beat to wake me up and get me moving.

4) Sister Crayon- Souls Of Gold I love the use of a variety of instruments and ragged voice of Sister Crayon. Simply a unique sound.

5) Pepper Rabbit- Older Brother This is just a chill song that screams Sunday mornings for me.

6) Birds & Batteries- Strange Kind of Mirror Always gets my toes a’ tappin’. Something fun to listen to in the background.

7) Sunset Rubdown- You Go On Ahead (Trumpet Trumpet II) I always get excited when this song comes on. It’s almost a fun flirty song that reminds me of Sunday mornings curled up with a cup of coffee with that someone special.

8 ) LoneLady- Immaterial Julie Campbell has some great guitar parts in here that always make me want to see her live.

9) Yuck- Georgia I realize this may be a little more summer Sunday’s but it’s still a great song.

10) Major Lazer- Hold The Line And finally to cap off the list, it wouldn’t be a Sunday without Major Lazer. My college roommates always gave me grief about this song, but I just love all the random stuff they threw into this song.


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